Sea Cat

Louie has always been a curious but cautious cat.  He can’t help nosing new things but then often scarpers when the new thing makes an unexpected noise.  His favourite past-time with me is to go for a stroll and each evening he tries to entice me out of the house with much mewing and leg-rubbing. If successful, he then performs an elaborate floor-show of rolling, tail-flicking and side-long, come-hither glances until I inevitably relent and we trot off together for an adventure.

Our latest yomp was down to the beach.  The grass is not so long that even his impressive tail is lost and he had to leap, leap, leap all the way down the park.  I love the beach and am so familiar to the sucking of sea on shingle, I hardly notice it anymore.  Louie, on the other hand, was fascinated and fearful in equal measure.  Perhaps he’s got the right idea about the sea.

City Mouse, Island Mouse

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