Island Mist

We have had mist and fog for a month and it has been “steekit”.  So thick there is no horizon and driving feels like you’re on some sort of tarmac treadmill.  Charlene captured the listless and somewhat oppressive atmosphere over at her blog – Charlene Saw This

While the rest of the country has been baking and sweating and tanning under the hot, hot sun, Shetland has been resolutely grey.  Occasionally there will be a gloriously sunny afternoon, reminding us of what hides behind the clouds…

There has, however, been an abundance of wild colour along the verges, in the gardens and across the hills.  And the grasses are long enough to lie in and close off the rest of the world.  I picked myself a peerie bunch of flowers from the garden to brighten up the windowsill.

City Mouse, Island Mouse

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