Sardinia. Part Three: Boating about.


We went for a boat trip from Carloforte around the island. It’s not very big and the trip only took three hours, so it was amazing to see how the coastline changed as we went round.



The cliffs were dramatic and intriguing. All the way round the island, we passed people in boats who had anchored in little nooks and crannies or who had scrabbled over the rocky cliffs and were camped out on secluded (at least until we pootled past) rocky outcrops.

113 We were really impressed by how much geology this little island managed to cram in. I think you get quite a good sense of that in these photos.127 143

The boat was able to get us in close to some awesome caves.150 128

The sea! So beautiful and blue!

189 193 198 201

We pulled up near the lighthouse we had visited with Paola and Francesca and went for a swim. It was fantastic!181 176 174

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