An autumnal lochside afternoon.

Last weekend I skipped out of work early and hopped in Jaye’s car for a last of the summer adventure. We drove to Rowardennan and walked to  a little hidden beach that Jaye knew. We got there just before the sun turned golden.

Stones were skimmed.



And stones were thrown in slightly more haphazard ways to make beautiful noises in the water.



This is a gif. Click him!

It was such a lovely night that we brought our swimming stuff. That was optimistic. Instead, we sat, talked, explored.


Here are some more tree photos, in case you need another fix.


We pretended we were on a photoshoot for Frankie or Toast.

ImageIMG_1565IMG_1557 ImageImageImageImage

Then we tried to take a self-portrait. Some of the attempts were more successful than others.

IMG_1603 IMG_1608IMG_1614IMG_1622IMG_1627IMG_1638

The last thing we did before we went home was to leave some organic art.


A portrait of the artist.



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