Mall Mouse

Whenever we asked our Emirati students what to do on our day off they looked bemused and said, “Go to the Mall!”  So we did.

Marina Mall

If you find yourself in Marina Mall, in downtown Abu Dhabi, head up to the top floor to find less Zara and Topshop and more hidden gems…


City Mouse Island Mouse

My favourite thing to peruse in Abu Dhabi is perfume, especially the traditional Oudh based scents.  In the perfumeries, the first question asked of a customer is “French or Arabic?”  Both produce a dizzying variety of scented oils – the “French” are concentrated versions of familiar perfumes, I however, was after some “Arabic”…

City Mouse Island Mouse

As everywhere in Abu Dhabi, we were watched over by the steady gaze of the Sheikhs…

City Mouse Island Mouse

I’m in awe of this man’s steady hand…

City Mouse Island Mouse City Mouse Island Mouse City Mouse Island Mouse

I now smell divine.

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