Busy Mouse

Well, it’s been a while since I blogged. Sorry!
I have to warn you from the off that I have not been up to anything as interesting or exciting as you.
Since my last post I was also in London, presenting the paper I was practising at a conference at UCL. As such, I didn’t squeeze as much culture out of the city as you did. I did go to see the Paul Klee exhibition though.

I caught up with Bryony, my old flatmate from Lyon.


We had dinner and lots of wine in a Greek restaurant – I love that they felt the need to label the telephone.




A selection of tall buildings in London. This last one is Senate House at UCL where the conference was held!

I’ve also been to a fair number of gigs. The Great Albatross mainly. Here they are rocking out in Audio.


They also played at the Sofar Christmas Party at the Glasgow Print Studio. It was a lovely night.


And it was three friends’ birthday.


I have been busily crafting for Christmas! Katy very kindly gave me a length of beautiful navy wool jacketing that had been returned from a tailor in Japan who wasn’t happy with the width. It has become a gift for somebody… I hope she likes it!



And finally, I went for festive drinks with these wonderful pals the other night.

20131223-200206.jpgHelen and Jane managed to dress the same! We wished you were there.

Well, I hope you have a splendiferous Christmas and I’ll catch up with you before the end of the year!


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