Island paradise

Hello! A couple of weekends ago I travelled to the Isle of Eigg.20140801-091236.jpg


As the boat came in, the sun came out, a piper appeared on the jetty and a school of bottle-nose dolphins swam in alongside us. It was magic!

It’s a beautiful wee place and I’d love to go back. We went for Howlin’ Fling Festival but that ended up almost feeling secondary to this island. Our tent looked out across the bay towards the port.



The sunset on the first night was incredible.20140801-091704.jpg

On the second day we climbed to the highest point on the island. It’s called An Sgùrr (the notch) and it was a beautiful, hot day.



We walked around to a couple of caves on our last day on the island. I was very glad I’d brought my hiking boots.


One of the caves is called Massacre Cave. The whole population of the island, except for one family, was hiding in there and was slaughtered by the MacLeods of Skye. The entrance to the cave is tiny and you have to crawl inside.

Just along from Massacre Cave is another cave known as Cathedral Cave, for pretty obvious reasons when you see how big the mouth of it is.


Alex and I took the train to and from Mallaig to get to Eigg and I’d love to go camping more often – this just made me realise how easy it is!

The train journey is stunning too.

20140801-093251.jpgI’m about to leave the city again and spend a month in the Highlands trying to finish my thesis with no city distractions. More horizons like this and vivid green. I can’t wait.

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