A little bit of life


It has been a verrrrry long time and I’m sorry. I spent August in the Highlands which was very productive, but I’ve been working hard since I got back to Glasgow too. I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been doing when I’ve managed to escape from my desk though.

We took full advantage of the dry, sunny weather that we had in September and went cycling as much as possible, touring the parks and green spaces. I love the autumn light.

Here are Malcolm and the bikes in Pollok Park.


We also cycled up to Mugdock where the reservoir really reminded me of the brilliant French TV series, Les Revenants! Thankfully, no creepy children or dead animals were spotted.





I know that talking about the weather is dull, but the sunshine has been making me happy and I can usually find an excuse to get out and walk around in it!


Working back up the Glasgow Tower in the sun has been pretty good too.


And I spent an evening with this lovely lot last week. It was great and you were sorely missed!


What have you been up to on the island?!

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