Da Fishing Hands

CLICK HERE for some new photographs of Inge Thomson and her marvellous band (Sarah Hayes, Fraser Fifield, Steven Polwart and Graeme Smillie) recording “Da Fishing Hands” in Mareel last year.  This album is profoundly beautiful – click on the link to buy it from Inge’s site.

Here’s a wee extract from the Sunday Herald review…Go and read the full piece here

“…Da Fishing Hands constitutes its own marvellously rich and rewarding microcosm, of an island’s and its islanders’ interwoven stories; of the vision, sophistication, ambition and musicianship currently at work among Scotland’s folk community; of brand-new folk music that’s as completely rooted in its social and environmental context as the most ancient traditional ballad. And lastly, of the alchemical art that can transform the seemingly tiniest particular into the grandly universal.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 14.11.56

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