I was killing time in the city centre a couple of weeks ago. I went into John Lewis and ended up buying some fabric in their sale. A woman in the queue next to me asked what I was planning to make with it. When I said I didn’t really have a plan, she said ‘oh, that’s how it starts!’.

I know this is true, having seen the mountains of fabric in my parents’ house. In fact, I already have a huge bag of fabric that I took from home because my mum had had enough and was clearing her ‘collection’ out.

So, I am making myself make things. And then I can justify buying more fabric…

I bought a lovely blazer pattern from By Hand London. Here I was about to cut all the pattern pieces out. This is some of the fabric I got from mum.
I’ve made a skirt with that fabric I got in John Lewis, but it needs a zip, so I’ll post a photo of it in the next couple of days.

Anyway, I thought if I posted about sewing then it would make me actually do it and stop being lazy.

This week I’ve been seeing friends and hanging out with city cats and small neighbours and marvelling at how HOT it’s been.




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