Friends; getting older

This weekend I went to Edinburgh for Katie and Bip’s birthday. We went to Green Door, the club night that Bip runs with Wes and Dan, and had a brilliant night.

I stayed with Claire and Al, who have just moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh.


Here are Claire and Katie looking bonnie.


And Bip doing her thing.

Almost all of the friends and acquaintances that I spoke to at Green Door on Saturday owns a house now! It really hammered home to me that I’m still a broke student and probably will be for a while yet. Ugh.

Also, it makes me sad that, although Glasgow and Edinburgh aren’t that far away from each other, I hardly ever see my Edinburgh friends (oh, and my family). Having said that, even when Claire lived along the road here, we struggled to find time to see each other on a regular basis. I suppose this is just part and parcel of being busy grown ups with jobs and partners.

Claire, Katie and I moved to Glasgow at the same time for uni and now I’m the only one left here. Still at uni too. Cool.

The really great thing about long-term friends like these is that, no matter how infrequently we manage to see each other, it’s always as if no time has passed since the last time. There’s a really easy intimacy that I hope will always be there, no matter which cities (or islands!) we all end up in. And I suppose seeing each other more often is fundamentally a question of having well-organised diaries!


My view from the bus on my way home.

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