Continuing autumn adventures

Hullo! These photos are a long time coming. We recently spent a weekend in the countryside in one of all of our favourite places. There were no puppies this time, but autumn in the Cairngorms holds other joys.

The Shed in Kingussie is closing down! We had a wander, but it was looking quite bare.


We went to another little antiques place in Carrbridge which was very pretty, but awfully dear. Malcolm did not find any antique tools. His search continues.

20131112-210324.jpg 20131112-210406.jpg

We had much more success foraging for food than we did for knick knacks.


Here, Malcolm is looking (very intently) for hazelnuts, but he most enjoyed learning all about mushrooms!

20131112-202753.jpg 20131112-204947.jpg

The hot, dry summer meant that we didn’t find as many chanterelles as we might normally expect. These two are inedible, but we did manage to pick lots of tasty treats! The tricky thing was that the fallen leaves were the exact same colour as the mushrooms we were looking for.

20131112-210134.jpg 20131112-202644.jpg

The trees are so lovely in the autumn.

20131112-202616.jpg 20131112-203417.jpg 20131112-203831.jpg 20131112-203933.jpg 20131112-204834.jpg 20131112-203655.jpg

We went for lots of walks with mum and dad: expert mushroom hunters.20131112-205453.jpg


Mum blended in really well with the autumnal landscape. She probably could have stalked some deer in between funghi spotting.When not out walking and mushrooming, we were schooled in the ways of The Beast.

20131112-204657.jpg 20131112-204727.jpg

We still have much to learn.

But the real reason we went north was that Malcolm had a very important job to do.


Toby and Fi’s wedding was a lovely, friendly, family affair!


We were all pleased that the weather stayed dry for them to have the ceremony in this bonnie spot by the Spey. Toby’s mum made Fi’s beautiful dress and Fi’s mum knitted her and her sister’s equally beautiful and much needed cardigans.

It was another great wee weekend out of the city for this mouse.

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