Sardinia. Part One: Carloforte

Dear Island Mouse,

Here are some photos from Sardinia. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to upload them, I was waiting to get the nice ones from Malcolm’s camera. There are lots of them, though, so this is just a taster for now!

Well, having flown to Cagliari, we headed out to an island off the west coast of Sardinia. The island is called San Pietro and the only town there is Carloforte. We travelled there with Paola and her friend Francesca.Image I do like a ferry ride. The port is called Portovesme and we had to spend a couple of hours here on the way back to Cagliari. That was boring.Image



ImageWe immediately went to the beach and on the way back to town stopped at a lighthouse/nature reserve.ImageImageBack in town, we went for dinner and ate amazing tiny little octopus! Paola and Francesca are fab. They’ve been friends since primary school and you could really tell! I was a big, pale giant compared to them.ImageIt was Saturday night and there was a band playing in the main square. All the old people and children were dancing!Image

ImageJust outside town there were salt flats. It was far too hot to go and walk there until sunset, but when we did go it was lovely and a bit surreal. There were lots of abandoned pieces of machinery lying around that they used to use to harvest the salt as well as flamingoes! You can just about see them in this picture… I liked it best when we saw them flying, though. They looked so elegant, despite being an odd shape for flight!Image



A bo-at! It’s a wee bit like the ones in the museum.


These are death announcements. Cheery.

Well, that’ll do for now I think. I’ll be back soon with photos from the beach!

Have a super weekend,

Love, City Mouse

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